Master Art Creation

Master Artwork preparation is a crucial stage. The conceptual Master Design provided by your creative agency, is carefully converted into a digital file. This technical design is engineered with right placement of images, graphics & texts blended with the right colors to visually create a stunning representation of the creative design in to a printable package on any substrate.

A Master Artwork should be so designed that it becomes the base design for rolling out multiple variants of the same product category for multiple markets without losing the visual appeal. In essence, create a visual master piece, while simultaneously allowing the flexibility to adapt for any changes required across markets and during promotions and marcom activities. This reduces duplication of work in the future. Master Artwork is created/adapted/formatted either using other creative artwork already available with the brand or just from instructions received from them. Some designs are built from key-line drawing (KLD), after integrating the text and graphics/photos provided by the brand.