Range/Line Extension & Mechanicals

While rolling out extensions across different variables such as Pack Sizes, Colors, Flavors, Ingredients, Substrates, Language, Print Process etc., we ensure consistency and maintain the Brand values and guidelines across all variants.

We allow our designer to go beyond just specifications and work to bring more clarity, consistency, simplicity & shelf impact.
i. Structural

Size Adaptation

Resizing cartons from one size to another size keeping the style of the same carton

Shape Adaptation
Changing the shape of components like tucks/flaps or change in design but the volume of the carton remains same.

ii. Text Adaptations

Adapting artworks from one language to another.

Incorporating text content provided in word/text document to fit appropriately on the artwork.

iii. Graphic Adaptations
Altering image content on the artwork as per customer’s instructions.

iv. Artwork adaptation
Adaptation of artwork from one form of packaging to another. For instance, from folding carton to a flexible bag or pouches.

v. Bar code Generation
Creating bar code as per industry standards with appropriate Barcode magnification and Bar width reduction for accurate readability

vi. Graphic Variants
Creating different variants for the same brand with different flavors of similar products (Example fruit juice).